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Last Tuesday I went to Etnica cafe to meet ka Freyke Kosakoy (a skilled photographer based in Balikpapan) because I saw my Instagram notification that I had been tagged by ka Ike to join Rara Ireng (Rame - Rame Iseng Bareng) at 10 AM together with others friends. I came late because I had a work-meeting with The Denim Club, so I arrived at Etnica cafe around 1 PM with my friend, Christy.
Actually I had no idea about what's Rara Ireng. So I wasn't prepared. When I entered the cafe, I saw a lot of people busy drawing, lettering and painting, and then I saw ka Ike, I directly sat next to him and asked him what's Rara Ireng?. He told me that Rara Ireng is like a place where creative community in Balikpapan meet and share their passions. He also introduced me to the people who attended Rara Ireng; from photographer, make up artist, graphic designer, illustrator to writer.
I met ka Connie, ka Emma, ka Vina, ka Api, uncle Dies, ka Odha, Ka Betha, ka Cukil, ka Dian, ka Saga, literally there are one of creative and awesome people in town.
Some photos I got from ka Freyke.
I didn't really know what to do beside taking some photos for my blog and chatting with ka Freyke because I was a little awkward with new people.
Then I decided to drawing and here's my creation, LOL I am not really good at drawing.
Ka Freyke was doing his new hobby, calligraphy / lettering.
And ka Emma tried to do lettering as well.
Beside drawing, painting and lettering, we also ate some delicious foods prepared by Etnica cafe.
Super delicious Etnica's Beef Teriyaki Wrap

Etnica's Salted Caramel Banana Pancakes (recommended)
That was totally a nice meet up with Balikpapan's creative people. I hope there'll be another Rara Ireng again and maybe I could get closer with all of them because it feels like a good experience to know new people and to be surrounded by positive people :)
Anyway, Christmas is around the corner :) I can't really wait for Christmas day <3



  1. Aku juga gabisa gambar :( paling mati kutu deh kalo disuruh gambar.

    Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd

  2. the calligraphy and illustrations are so cute! looks like a fun getting to meet new people:)

  3. The gathering looks so fun! :)

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  4. Looks amazing! x


  5. Your photos display such a great mood. It looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing.


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