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I have so much information in my head and I feel like I could write a long article as I have so much to talk about and share with you, but I need to postpone it because of certain reasons. But first thing first, I really wanted to thank you for your supports, comments and your time regarding my happy tummy, life lesson, top list, clozette Indonesia, tips and fact, travel articles. Since 2015 I’ve posted not only about style post on SRS Blog but also general lifestyle and travel post. And as you guys know, I couldn’t be happier to know my blog keeps getting higher visit than last years. In this case it meant a lot, and I really needed to share my thoughts. I honestly wasn’t expecting such a massive feedback, but again I noticed the interests of my readers. It felt super accurate to write about all those topics related human’s life. When a subject really matters to me, I get very inspired and write a lot. Hopefully we can move together forward in order to inspire each other. Cheers to more various articles on SRS Blog <3
Anyway have you guys joined The Denim Club x Trepp Denim photo challenge?
Post your The Denim Club or Trepp Denim products (your OOTD photo or flatlay photo) and tag @thedenimclub Instagram and win their awesome t-shirt by the end of November. For further info check out the account.
| What I Wore : TREPP DENIM (sponsored) long sleeve Borneo t-shirt / JUICE backpack / GOWIGASA studded snapback / MISSISSIPPI jeans / SOMETHING BORROWED "Zalora Indonesia" (sponsored) shoes / FREIRA iPhone 5s case |



  1. that cap is so awesome, Ollyvia! rocking it <3 you're always an inspiration to me hun!

  2. Great words babes and love your style xx

  3. Cool outfit! I love your bag Lau! <3

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  4. Coolest outfit ever! I'm so in love with your bag, thanks for sharing!

    Check out my blog if you want:

    Tamara xxx

  5. love your style!
    makin lama warna rambutnya makin bagus lyv! :)

    JESSIE | Beauty Appetite

  6. Loved your cool! :)
    Do you wanna follow each other? I follow right back! ;)

    Kisses from Portugal!


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