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Yesterday I had just finished my monthly period, and I decided to try the new Softex Hello Kitty because they sent me different types; Light airy 35cm, Light airy 3 in 1 and comfort slim. I always feel curious about trying new products so I give it a try. I decided to try the new Softex Light Airy 3 in 1 and my mom tried the Softex Comfort Slim. Let's read our opinions and experience with the newest products from PT. Softex Indonesia.

Softex Light Airy 3 in 1 is a perfect combination ultra thin pads for girl's menstrual cycle. 

Jadi di dalam kotak dengan desain lucu gambar Hello Kitty ini, aku mendapatkan 15 pads di dalam satu kotak Softex Light Airy yang terbagi atas 3 ukuran pads;
- 4 regular flow pads (24cm)
- 5 heavy flow pads (29cm)
- 6 extra heavy flow (35cm)
- Free 2 Pantyliners 
Aku sudah coba menggunakan Softex extra heavy flow (yang aku pakai di malam hari) dan Softex heavy flow, yang aku pakai saat memulai aktivitas aku dari pagi hari. Pengalaman mencoba produk baru dari Softex Hello Kitty ini adalah aku suka banget dengan permukaan pembalutnya yang silky / lembut dan juga tipis 2mm, I barely feel the pad. Untuk menemani kegiatanku sehari-hari, Softex Light Airy is totally the best partner in crime when the monthly period comes around each month, I have no fear of leakage anymore. I feel light di setiap langkahku.
Softex Light Airy juga menggunakan SILKTOUCH dengan BICOMPONENT FIBER (fabungan dari fiber luar yang super lembut dengan fiber dalam yang kuat).

Softex Light Airy 35cm with 10 ultra thin pads dengan extra wide background dimana area belakang pembalut lebih besar untuk mencegah bocor di belakang. I trust Softex Light Airy 35cm or Extra Heavy Flow pads every night when I have my monthly period and its wider back really does prevent leakage. Tidur pun jadi nyenyak semalaman.

Last but not least, let me introduce Softex Comfort Slim (Long 36cm). Well there's no time to worry, let's just say Good Night. The pads of Softex Comfort Slim is longer 1cm than Softex Light Airy Extra Heavy Flow dengan tesktur pembalutnya yang slim dan senyaman bantal (Pillow - Feel Topsheet). I gave my mom a try. She also had monthly period two days ago and I asked my mom her opinion, she said she totally felt comfort all night long. Bebas bocor sepanjang malam karena Softex Comfort Slim absorb in 1 second dan juga breathable layer yang membantu sirkulasi udara untuk mencegah kelembaban.
Softex Hello Kitty totally Happify Your World <3
Teman-teman yang berkunjung ke acara Gogirl Passion Expo 15 di Senayan City dan sudah mengunjungi booth Softex Hello Kitty juga pasti setuju semua :)



  1. Lauraaa aaaaa cute BANGETTTT! <3 <3 Jadi pengen cobain, tapi 36cm masih kependekan buat aku :')

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  2. These are so kawaii!
    xx Elle

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  3. Oh, I love Hello Kitty, and this is a new product for me! Never seen it before, thanks for sharing!

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    Tamara xxx

  4. packagingnya lucu bgt, ak suka yg my melody ^^

    Tori Chu


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