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These past two weeks I witnessed two photoshoots of Srintil talents. First they did photoshoot for the portfolio of Srintil Boys, located on the beach near Banua Patra, Balikpapan. And for the second photoshoot, I accompanied team Srintil to do photoshoot for the portfolio of Srintil Twins located at Mangrove Center, Kariangau.

This time, I did nothing with the team. I only borrowed the wardrobe for those two photoshoots. I joined the photoshoots because I was really curious what they would do with my wardrobe. Surprisingly I really love the styling works, I amazed by how their Srintil Talent, Chandra (who was in charge as stylist and makeup & groom at the same time) styled these talents (both twins and boys) with some same items but it really gave different statements. Thanks to him, I just realised that I've been collecting unisex clothes whole my life lol.

Into The Wood

Team :
Photographer : Deddy Doloksaribu
Stylist & Makeup : Chandra Septian
Talent : Srintil Twins (Dwi and Sari)
Wardrobe : Ollyvia Laura

Place :
Mangrove Center, Kariangau

Earth tones (brown, green and dark blue) are never boring. Agree?
Even though they dressed up prettily in those feminine items (mini skirt, socks, dress, heels, platform sandals, short, big sized sweater), their expressions really gave boys' eye gazes (and it's also explained by the nude makeup).
For this photoshoot, Srintil wanted to make their talents to be in "we don't really care with our boyish face expressions right now" mood, I do agree with that, because I think Fashion is like a method of self expression. You'll never improve your sense of style if you are still with your default (safest) look every time.
Every girl shouldn't always look pretty everyday. Bring your inner Tomboy out. Experiment now, because there's no better time.

On The Beach

Photographer : Goklas Situmorang
Stylist & Groom : Chandra Septian
Talent : Srintil Boys (Aldo, Jhody, Beto and Iqbal)
Wardrobe : Chandra S, Ollyvia Laura & Takata Bandung

Place :
Batu batu beach, near Banua Patra

Fashion is like a test of your confidence. Dressing unconventionally will force you to develop the self-assurance, to stand out from everyone else. For some people in the town, they might think this photoshoot is strange, too brave and even "too scary". Though it was just a simple concept and the founder was trying to cross his comfort zone.
These boys are nude with nothing but a pair of underwear and posing for the lens of photographer Bobo. What was wrong?
I bet there's little controversy for this one as underwear is often not a publicly displayed garment. Never mind. Well, in my humble opinion, the human body is also the work of art and fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.
For your viewing pleasure. I round up some appropriated looks ;p



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