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Last month was super hectic yet fun month I guess, I barely enjoy November, which means I really had productive weeks in November, I am happy but I am exhausted as well but I thank God for all the opportunity I got. Got so many experiences ever since I've stayed in this town, my lovely hometown.

I have been busy seriously, I can feel the after-effect from all the events happened in this town, I really had no time to take a proper photoshoot for all the endorsement and partnerships hence I am really sorry to all my clients because I had to postpone all of them. But I am currently working for it, I am preparing the content and the concept. I am back on duty as a blogger.
I'll be posting about Expose Market event soon on the blog, from the situation of 9 local brands, the street fashion show, the photoshoot and literally everything. Meanwhile this is the look I created for the last day of Expose Market.

| What I Wore : SOMETHING BORROWED (sponsored) shoes / THE FIDELE (sponsored) cap / AFTERAIN CO. don't die do nothing t-shirt / LOOKBOUTIQUE STORE (sponsored) long vest |



  1. You look so swag with that outfit <3 miss you already!

    Margareta Vania
    Fashion Blogger

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  2. these photos are really cute!! love your jeans<3

  3. Looks good . Happy Day.



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