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Hi gorgeous, it's been a while since I decided to not blogging for some quite time, well like I said on my Instagram I was busy preparing all the things I need to be done before 17th January 2016. I could say Jesus is too good for me. Remembering the days I prayed for the things I have now. He finally heard some of my prayers and He made it happen. I am totally beyond a blessed daughter. Though I am still a sinner, He still loves me. I just cant be thankful with all the good things that happened in my life, I’m thankful with what I currently have and achieved. Well for some of you might think my life gets easier, well it's not true. There’s still something bad follows up when something good comes up, it is normal because life is always like that; sour, sweet, bitter and tasteless.

Honestly, 2015 was a great year also the saddest year of my life. I have graduated with honour (cum laude) faster than my fellow college friends, I got a work experience as part time of creative marketing / digital marketing for The Denim Club Indonesia (the first jeans maker in my town) well that means after graduating I was only jobless for one month, I earned money for the first time in October then another great opportunity came to my life, I am now officially becoming one of H&M Visual Merchandisers. It's like my biggest Christmas gift sent by God. I am no longer a part timer anymore, I have the job I really love to do, though I graduated as public health bachelor, my passion of fashion and styling is everything, being blogger for 4 years made me realized that this is what I want to do.
Life is too good, right?
And I hope you understand now why I am living in Jakarta right now, yes I am beginning new adventures here. At first, I was still doubting this decision, I was terribly confused. I skipped my chance to get scholarship in Japan or South Korea to continue my double degree. I used to believe that prayer changes things but now I know that prayer changes us and we change things. I was in doubt choosing between living my passion (working as VM and making a living) or achieving my biggest life goal (studying abroad), thanks to mom & dad, and my beloved followers on Instagram, they helped me to choose the life I am living now. They said if I choose what I love, I'll never regret it. And I have to agree with them, what is the point of succeeded the life goal if I am not happy for what I have to do everyday?

And the greatest moments of 2015 is 2015 really gave me a colourful life, I got a chance to meet and get inspiring life lessons from amazing people such as ka Githa Moran, ka Ucita Pohan, ka Anita Moran, my friends Indah Nada Puspita, not to mention I met The Denim Club crew, BPNfoodies family, Mr. Agusto (H&M Visual Merchandiser country) and ka Tracey from PT. Hindo and to all of my new awesome friends I met since I came back to Balikpapan city in October 2015. I got a chance to do styling projects with Kika Models Indonesia (thanks to ka Kika, Expose Market and Batik Tenun Vi) and Srintil agency (thanks to Chandra and ka benk for being such as supportive people), I got a chance to travel more, I traveled local places such as Derawan Islands, Maratua Islands, Kakaban Islands, Pulisan beach, Pall beach, etc. #SRSexplores is like a reminder for myself to work hard and to keep doing my passions, doing the things I love to do.

As I previously mentioned above, before I am tasting the sweet of life, I already tried the bitter first, in February till middle of March, I got bullied and ignored by some of college friends I met for 2month while I was doing KKN/community service program in Motoling 1.
The process to graduate in August didn't go smoothly, I almost lost hope, but thanks to God, I made it. The fact that I lost my beloved grandmother in 2015 was totally the most heartbreaking news I ever had. I was there when she was in pain. My heart was like ripped off smoothly and slowly feeling so empty knowing the fact she already left us forever (I know it was for a better reason).
Christmas day in 2015 was the lamest Christmas I've ever had. I didn't celebrate it with my mom and dad, I was so bad because I didn't manage to visit them on Christmas day. I can't go over to see them for a reason.
In 2015, I could say it was a tough year and quite challenging. My circle got smaller, my priorities started to change. I got a point where life is not about quantity anymore, I prefer quality now like career, real relationship (still seeking for the right man), home and family. They all are some real things I can grow with and I am proud of. I am living the present life for building my own future.

In 2016, I just want to be more real and be kind to everyone, have strength for living the life as if I go through hardships in life, I should decide not to surrender. I want to do constant improvement so that I could be a useful and inspiring one between career, life and blogging. Be a hard worker and good inspiring people in life because I learned that I will never can achieve everything by only talking what I am going to do, I must get shit done by surronding myself with other people who get shit done. And of course I want to live healthy and eat clean because it was really annoying to be a weak person, I want to make my parents proud of me and happy, I want to go to Japan again with mom and dad. Lastly I want to be a channel of blessing to everyone around me and spread the happiness and peace <3

And now onto my fashion outfit, this is so last year, taken in January 2015 (somehow I forgot to post them, yes I still have old OOTD shoots I never uploaded on this blog) when I celebrated new year eve with my friends, Novi, Eka and Bram (my cousin) at Sky Bar Gran Senyiur hotel.
Before going to Skybar, we went to Ewalk for having dinner together.
Sky Bar Gran Senyiur Hotel, Balikpapan, Indonesia.
Till the next post <3



  1. you look lovely! :)

  2. I see God's grace in your life Lau. You're blessed so much! :)

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