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How did you spend your Valentine day, 14th February 2016? Mine was pretty fun. I wasn't alone on Valentine Day because I got a seat to attend Sociolla Indonesia BeYOUtiful day vs night makeup demo, by saying I wasn't alone because I finally met some of Sociolla bloggers and my followers in real life. People used to call me fake and pathetic just because I am only known in Instagram. Few of people who came to that event saying hello to me as they really know that I am Ollyvia, a blogger and digital influencer in Instagram. Well haters gonna hate, they always have time to speak bullshit about others while theirs are completely miserable and pathetic. Too busy to talk about others like they are perfect and famous(?) Thank you so much for Sociolla for giving me the opportunity, to invite me and treated me so well when I am in Jakarta, even I live in Balikpapan, I've been recognised as Indonesian blogger as well.

Anyway I am going to share about the fun I got on Valentine Day.
Seeing Ka Jennifer Hakim (a well known makeup artist) doing her day makeup demo.

And here's the result :)

That day I also met Sabrina Maida, been knowing her since 2012 just because we do blogging. She is such a pretty angel, she is so friendly and talk active (we met for the first time that day but I can say we are really connected), I call her Tasya because she does look like her. Do you agree?
Dessert temptation served by Sociolla ;p
I also met ka Tazty, our community manager from Sociolla <3 She is so cheerful with so much positivity.
Move to second demo, night makeup created by well known makeup artist, ka Putri Kansil. Sabrina was being the model.
Here's the result of night makeup. Sabrina looks more fierce right?
After the makeup demo ended. Sociolla made a games, it was a makeup challenge for 4 group of girls. Each group, a girl needs to make her friend looks different and pretty by doing fast makeover.
The winners of fast makeover :)
The winners of the best Instagram photos of #SociollaPopUp #BeYOUtiful #SociollaBlogger
Till the next post, stay gorgeous <3



  1. Wuaaaa seru bangeeet😭 mudahmudahan Sociolla bakal bikin acara begini lagi di Jakarta hahahhah. Btw salam kenaaal :D

  2. yeah! I've got so much valentine-fun here. :))
    let me take the picture of us, yes? Thank you before!


  3. Walaupun gak bisa datang karena gak tinggal di jakarta tapi liat postingan ini kayaknya seru banget. Thanks for sharing ^^


  4. enjoy reading ur post.. too bad I couldn't come..


  5. Really nice one presentation of cosmetic. I really interested of this kind of articles in this blog. Also can i get your rss feed because on site like this i can easily add my favorite categories to my feed list

  6. Ahhh what a very lovely opportunity to be able to attend an event like that! :)

    xx, Janine | Wandering Ella

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  8. Great event! Giliran aku ke event Sociolla sebelumnya, kamu ga ikut. Giliran kamu ikut, aku yang ga ikut huhu hope we will meet again soon ya Lau! hihi <3

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  9. such a cool event!

  10. you're at so many cool events! really love your outfit honey<3

  11. Nice event. So happy for you. Don't pay attention to those hatters. They don't have a life and just trying to mess others. Be happy!

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