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Hello gorgeous people!
This one should come earlier but I have been quite busy recently. I have been shopping a lot lately and have accumulated many new empties. Recently I finished using my cosmetics faster than my speed of blogging lol. I’ve been meaning to post about Althea Korea and dedicating my holiday to share it with you guys.

You won't be surprise by how we Indonesian really love Korean stuff. From food, to clothes trend, music and of course their beauty stuffs. I think most of Indonesian girls are addicted to Korean beauty products and make up. Who wouldn’t, right?

There are a lot of shops and brands from Korea that has been here in Indonesia. But one thing for sure, since it is an imported brand. It must be a bit expensive right?
So how about beauty product that comes straight away from the place itself with awesome price offer? Well, read till the end and I bet you’re gonna love this site as much as I do.
We, girls just never get satisfied and always want to keep on trying out products until we find the best one as I’m always on a constant lookout for new skincare products to add to my daily routine hehehe ;p
And the fact that it comes as no surprise that I love beauty as much as I love fashion. I love trying out new Korean cosmetic products that I haven’t tried before. I rarely stick to one cosmetic brand. I always in love with Korean skin, body and hair care.
Korean skin care is about 12 years ahead of other countries like the US and France in terms of technology. Korean beauty products are more accessible these days especially in Indonesia and thanks to Althea Korea, it’ll be much more accessible.
In my opinion, buying cosmetics online is more convenient, it helps me get everything I want without going from one place to another. I can get most of the things that I’m looking for in one platform.
So it's a GOOD THING that Althea Korea is now bigger and better!
You’ll find everything related to Korean beauty/makeup on their website.
They are new in Indonesia so I’m sure a lot of my readers have questions about their service, so here’s my own summary <3

Althea Korea is an online Korean beauty, cosmetics, and skincare e-commerce that was established on June 2015. There are free IDR 50.000 credits to shop for every new sign up. It is really worth buying at Althea Korea. This is seriously a happy news to all Korean beauty addicts in Indonesia now to be able to get their hands on affordable Korean popular products without breaking their bank account.
Their products are 100% authentic and ships directly from Seoul, South Korea. Recently I heard about few of Korean beauty brands filed a lawsuit against a well-known online shop for selling fake products. Worry no more, with Althea Korea; we will no longer have to worry if we are buying fake products.
The shipping was fast (only 14 days) despite arriving straight from Korea to my doorstep (East Kalimantan, Indonesia). And the products are authentic and actually "cheaper" than those offered retail outlets in Indonesia. Althea Korea, however is considered "reasonably priced" because it is not too low but still lower than most retail outlets. In here, they can sell Etude Drawing my eyebrows for IDR 120.000 meanwhile it only costs IDR 60.000 at Althea Korea.

Althea Korea also offers free shipping on orders over IDR 500.000 and a 30-Day unconditional returns and refund.
Althea Korea does not just offer the trendiest and hard-to-find products from internationally well known Korean brands like Laneige, Innisfree, Tony Molly, 3CE, Nature Republic, Etude House, Nature Republic and Banila Co, they also offer items from little-known brands like Witch Pouch, B&Soap, and W-Lab that you should definitely add on your next haul. I managed to scroll through all the items on the site thoroughly and found a few brands that I wasn't familiar with at all. I suppose it's because those brands aren't available in Indonesia.

YES!!! Althea Korea has quite a large range of popular Korean beauty products. Every time I visited the website, I was tempted to buy all of them! It didn't help that the prices were so damn low!
It was definitely overwhelming, knowing that I could get affordable Korean skincare products! I did make purchase twice at Althea Korea!
Here it is, my first pink parcel from Althea KoreaWhen I got the box, I squeal in happiness because everything is wrap in pink. Each item is individually wrapped in bubble wraps and nicely packed to ensure they won't be damaged in the shipping process. 
 It took about 2 week to arrive which is pretty fast I think for International order.
The products I picked are :
1. Witch's Pouch Shadow for Eyes
2. Too Cool For School Marshmallow Puff (beauty blender)
3. Witch's Pouch Love me Blusher (Shading Bronzer)
4. Missha The Style 4D Mascara
5. Witch's Pouch Popo Glosstick Tint Balm (Peach Chu shade)
6. Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner
7. The Saem Mask (it's a bonus)
And for the second pink box, the products I chose to buy are :
1. Etude House Angry Bird Eye Makeup set
2. Tony Moly New Delight Tony Tint (Orange Cha Cha shade)
3. Etude House Dear Darling Tint (Cherry Red shade)
4. Witch's Pouch Dual Brow Pencilcara (Rich Brown shade)
5. It's My Brush&Puff It's My Magic Sponge (beauty blender)
If you follow my social media you can tell that I’m not the kind of person who loves to use a lot makeup on my face, I dislike a dramatic Makeup.
I always love the natural makeup which looks fresh and cute on me. By the way, I made this natural makeup using all Korean beauty products I purchased at Althea Korea.
This look is cute and simply pretty which I really love and it’s super easy & quick.
I'm definitely grateful for the presence of Althea Korea for providing us with affordable Korean skincare products. Seriously, things are so cheap there you don't need to fly to South Korea to shop anymore.

You really need to check out Althea Korea especially if you love Korean beauty products and the advantage is that you be able to buy these at a more reasonable price.



  1. This is wonderful...magical. You look gorgeous doll. Happy Birthday wishes to you always xx

  2. I love the packages! Great products! Happy Birthday!

  3. this is so cool! I love korean cosmetics :) miss you too babe!!


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