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Two weeks ago, I went to Manado to visit relatives and my college friends there, I’ve never met them for 8 months, so the first time I met them, this sentences often came out first from their mouths (especially my college friends) like;

“(wow so lama nya baku dapa so dapalia beda no ngana sekarang, so tamba putih, so tambah halus leh muka deng so tamba gaga // wow you totally different now lyv, your skin got brighter, your face look more flawless and you’re prettier)

I was shocked and I don’t know if it’s just a little compliment given because it’s been 8 months since they’ve seen me. But I am totally flattered though hihihi but they say like I am totally not like myself when I met them in this January.

I admit it, I have flawless face (no acnes around my face) and my skin gets brighter because I’m now quite a stickler for cleansing and applying skincare for my face and my body.
So that’s why I decided to write this post because I am about to reveal the secrets :)
I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to discover for yourself what products that work for your skin. Then I found the right product for my skin, yes I’ve been using Shinzu’i Skin Lightening Body Lotion since this February bought at supermarket in Gandaria City (when I stayed in Jakarta), the first impression is my skin feels good and tighten. Shinzu’i Body Lotion has some variant of scents, and I like using Shinzu’i Body Lotion Hana because I love the scent, it smells like a real flower to me and the smell lasts long.
This body lotion is best for those who want to lighten up their skin, I apply this body lotion 2 times daily after showering, it will lighten up and tone our skins.
Shinzu’i Skin Lightening Body Lotion with UV protection has Herba Matsu Oil that will transform melanin pigmentation (which cause dark color on skin) into leuko-melanin to lighten the skin and it helps the skin becomes fair and moist too.
It has Sakura Flower Extract that helps regenerating epidermal cells to prevent dull skin (lift dead skin cells) so the skin becomes brighter and supple. And the most important is dermatologically tested, so it’s safe.
Actually I’ve been a regular user for Shinzu’i Body Cleanser since I was a college student and I don’t even think to change it to other whitening soap. So it’s such the perfect combination ever to achieve brighter skin tone :D
You can see the difference of my skin revolution from the photos below.
The first one was taken before I went to Manado in January and the second one was taken when I visited Manado two weeks ago. Yes, my skin gets brighter and moisturized especially my legs.
This body lotion is absolutely non-negotiable to me now, a good body lotion is absolutely essential and I don't leave the house without it even on my days off :) Well, once you know how to take good care of your skin, you can be a sun warrior. Always protect your skin from harmful UV rays. You don’t know it, but just by stepping out of your house without any sunscreen protector can ruin your skin.

*Before applying Shinzu’i Body Lotion.*
*After applying Shinzu’i Body Lotion.*
That's it, hopefully this post helps you or at least serves as inspiration :) Let me know if it works for you guys by leaving your comments, I'd love to hear it <3



  1. wow these products look great honey! a Japanese brand? this is my first time hearing about them:) I hope you are doing well <3

  2. After read this post, i'll buy them soon lol
    I miss you kak! Thankyou for being kind, always. Kisses xo


  3. such a lovely review <3


  4. These products sound incredible! Naturally I haven't heard about this brand before but I am definitely intrigued! Wish I could buy them over here.

    Naomi in Wonderland

  5. Oh, I use this product several times as well, but only the scrub one. It smells so nice! I think I should purchase this product again :)



  6. wow, these product looks great
    thanks for sharing


  7. You look great!
    xx Nicki

  8. This is so interesting! I've never heard of these kinds of products before. Thanks for sharing :)
    Love from Berlin,
    Charlotte Luisa |

  9. These look so great and it sounds like you've had some amazing results x

    Tiffany Tales | Lifestyle & Beauty

  10. I love the packaging on these products! Sounds like a fantastic product!
    a life of a charlotte

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