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Hi gorgeous, just to inform you that I finally, I meant can completely managed to maintain this little blog with new series on it, as you can see at the top left bar of this blog you can find few series I mostly will talk on my blog;

- #SRS TALK is all about my NOTE-to-SELF and PERSONAL TALK, some writings that remind me to stay wise, to be better and be kind in every single day, I left it with some good information worth-to-be known, random thoughts from me about my life and some life advices that hopefully can make me stay inspired to live a good and positive life.

- #SRS VISUAL is all about my personal style (OOTDs) and my visual-interest documents. As I am no longer a fashion blogger (yeah I decided to stop receiving any kind of fashion/style endorsements now) but because I am still into fashion world, I'll keep making my own LOOKBOOK without putting any information about the brands or any endorsements on this blog. And talking about VISUAL DIARY, I just enjoy living my life as a visual person.

- #SRS LIFESTYLE, you might say that these past months, my lifestyle quite changed, I am so into beauty and food now, I have been shopping a lot of skin and beauty products lately and have accumulated many new empties this year, since I attended THE FACE SHOP CC CUSHION LAUNCHING. That's why I made BEAUTY AESTHETIC, but not to mention, I've been a member of BPNfoodies since last November, that made my friends and family feel the need to tell me to stop eating. NO, please just no. But I still managed myself to not getting any fatter this year, I am just going to stay chubby lol so if you love food too, you can enjoy reading my HAPPY TUMMY LIFE.

- #SRSEXPLORES is definitely "the most favorite talk" I'd love to share with you guys, I have my own life-time goal, it is being a wanderlust when I am strong financially and physically.
Traveling the local or international places to me is the best way I am as a person could live my life to the fullest, by traveling, I got to see and discover a new world as much as my soul allows me to, I mean when I travel, I get a chance to meet new people, to gain my knowledge, to be stronger whenever I face the difficulties of life, to learn something new (to get out from my comfort zone), and probably I could get a chance to meet my love-life too. Who knows?
Through this post, I want to say that I am now 23 year-old and I decided to be more independent as a writer/blogger who writes about my daily thoughts, lifestyle and travelling as an ordinary human being. Don't worry, I am still the same person <3 I can't stop writing because it's one of my passions, and I'll do it whenever I have my days-off.
Throwback to last February when I got a chance to meet my long distance blogger bestie, Maria Istella. 
Also, I met my virtual friend, Diras, she is a blogger too.



  1. Gorgeous! :)

  2. beautiful post! love the colours in ur outfit!

  3. Whatever you'll do in the future, you're always be my sister to reminding me of life:") keep inspiring! Me miss you more xo



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