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November could be a tough month to me, especially when I learn how to spend monthly budget wisely. I have discovered myself from wanting to be a proper adult from these past months, I want to hold all the responsibilities by my own; like a house-rent payment, electricity and water bills, grocery shopping, budgeting my money appropriately, cooking home dishes for my lunch box, doing laundry.
Actually I was inspired to do like Lucie Fink does “Try Living with Lucie” in Refinery29 youtube channel (my friend introduced me to this channel) but in reality I just can’t make it happen, well it might be a little help to me to write new article about lifestyle tho.

Okay, focus on the topic of adulthood, I think I finally can accomplished some of them, except cooking home dishes and budgeting my money. I lack of cooking skill even to cook just simple menu, I can not. And about budgeting my money, it is a big hurdle of my life, I can not manage my own salary, it’s not even the end of month but I already broke my bank account and asked my daddy to send me pocket money so that I can survive this month T.T
I discover what it really means to be on a spending budget for life, I have to find subtle ways to save money, it certainly takes time so I have to be passionate to do it, right? Wish me luck, guys.
*By the way, let me throw back to those college moments by sharing a couple of Outfit-of-the-Day shoots when I was a black hair college student who loved to take her OOTD for the next upcoming posts*



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