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6 years of blogging and still counting. This is not my career, I already chose my career which is now a Visual Merchandiser, I have choices and I have passion. I am doing exactly what I love, every single day and that is amazing to me. Back then till now, I’ve gotten numerous questions from a lot of people asking me for advice about starting a blog and make a living out of it.
Most often, these people have a high expectation for the perks of instant famous and luxurious life as a blogger, I don’t blame them.
Blogs are often filtered to the point where it gives a distorted view of the seemingly #LIFEGOAL of the people who own them. That being said, let’s get to some truths of life as a blogger before you start a blog or maybe a career in blogging.

1. Keep it in your mind; Expectation is far behind the reality itself
Believe me, no one wants to put their weakness, not-photo ready-look, dirty laundry, messy bedroom for the entire world to see. Everything here is filtered to an extent and that’s not to mean it’s a lie or we try to fake a life, it just means you’re not seeing the ugly truths that happen behind the computer screen (yeah because bloggers are human too).

2. Decide why you want to do blogging
You must have 100% commitments and passion, especially if you want to make it as your career. You should be blogging to share interesting and inspiring contents (not only your photography but also your writing), you can share your life stories, your Outfit-of-the-Day, your favorite things, your life hacks, your personal thoughts, your dreams, your traveling experience, or anything that you feel as an expert in and will be useful to other people. That’s what blogging is about.

3. Don’t be so cheap
If you’re just going into blogging just for the perks of instant famous, the endorsements, the freebies, and the payment. You won’t get anywhere if you only want free stuff. Do not make your value as a blogger keep falling down just because your web page is full with entire content that basically filled by self-promotion of “I’m a blogger, please sponsor me!”.

4. Have a great vision and mission
Be a visual person is the key and of course be daring enough to start it, because that’s how it all started for me.
The reason why I am sharing this with all of you is not to teach you, just be a good and honest blogger from the start. You guys can be doing it! Rule yourself.



  1. so much agreed!
    love the clutch btw <3

  2. i always love reading these posts, this was so great and that last point is so key!

  3. I agree! Especially the first one! I have a day job, and I do blogging as my hobby. People think that all I do is pretty easy. That I don't work hard enough on my day job as an architect and designer just because of what I post on social media, which is mainly blogging. They're wrong. Everything there is filtered! Of course it's filtered, I do it because I just want to spread good vibes and share my other passion, which is blogging! I really enjoyed reading this post! You look fabulous by the way! :)

  4. Awesome tips and am totally digging this outfit! So cute

    Enclothed Cognition

  5. These are amazing tips! Thanks love. Xo, Ellese




  7. Uwuwuwuwuwu lucu amat foto kamuuuu :3

  8. Really cool post! It was interesting to read your thoughts on blogging as someone who has been doing it for 6 years, that's quite an achievement. Thank you for sharing!

  9. I agree! I hate it when I see a blog full of sponsored posts and nothing personal about the blogger behind the blog. Although, I admire bloggers who are able to balance posting sponsored posts with a mix of personal discussions. :)

    Augustin Ra / Indie Spirit


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