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Do note that I wasn't in Japan by the time you're reading this post because this ferry said itself (this ferry was originally from Japan lol), it was taken when I just visited my grandmother in Modang village, East Kalimantan 3 months ago. I've never seen a ferry as cozy as this before with the good music played during our trip, I freaking loved it.

Anyway speaking of good music, I wonder if music does play a big part of your life as it does to me. I really can't go a day without listening to any song (especially Hillsong United songs) on my ears, this is true life story. I guess it all started out with my dad who has huge love for good music, when he was teenager, mom said dad used to be a church's guitarist. Since I was very little I remember dad played so many songs with his guitar (but he stopped playing it now, I don't know why I kind of missing his guitar playing tho), he also collected some good laser disks. Every time I was home from school, I directly put dad's laser disk, I was just 10 years old and dad said I really love to sing The Beatles - Let It Be song. Some of you might think it's lame but I still love it till now, I even still listen to it thousand times.
When I was a kid I wasn't bother to know about the meaning of the songs I listened to, but right now it's different.
The song of Let It Be was written by Paul McCartney based on his dream about his mother who died when he was just 14 years old, she came to see him when he had difficulties and gave him this message "Let It Be", the song taught us a precious lesson, that we don't have to fight with things, just try and go with the flow, it will all work out. Even at our very difficult time in our lives, sure enough things will get better after that, and yes it does become a comforting statement to me :)



  1. Hey dear.
    So glad to see you acted all goofy and simply enjoying life, throughout your ferry journey,
    (Bagus amat sih ferry-nya? Jadi beneran pengen ikutan kesitu, mungkin sore-sore, ngeliat sunset sambil ngelamun.)
    Somebody said to me that music will make much more meanings when you're having a hard time, or being truly in love. I guess it's true, since it happens to me :")
    Have a good day over there, Ollyv!

    Clara x

  2. I love that song! yes I feel so encouraged every time I hear an uplifting so, sometimes things happen for the better but that enlightenment doesn't come until later. Thanks for the share, a very positive note :) xo~ Lena


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