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I'm assured as a self-titled fashion blogger too by knowing that all fashion bloggers are self-titled, after all lol ;p 
Through this Outfit-of-the-Day post, I randomly show you some of my shoe collection (it was actually photographed last year when I still lived in Manado), I have more than 20 pairs and it may sounds like a lot to some people, but you know I have more now in Balikpapan because I am a loyal shoe lover.

 I have a little obsession with buying shoes, especially since I was in college! Unlike a few years back, I attempted to murder my feet. Right now, my collection of comfortable shoes (oxford shoes, slip ons, flats, and sneakers) has grown quite a bit, yeah because my job requires comfortable shoes.
If you've been reading this blog for a while, you've probably already seen all of them on my feet.
Shoes have always been such a passion for me, I’ve been collecting them for 5 years and I love every pair I own and the fact that many of the pairs have been collected from other cities/country I have been gone, they stick with me through the years :)
In my opinion, my shoes have to be my favorite accessories because they can really make or break the outfit I am wearing. A dress can really stand out because of a quirky pair of shoes, am I right?
Anyway that's the end of this long blog post.
How many of you are shoe lover as I am?



  1. That's an impressive collection! I love your dress x

    Jessica — NinetyCo

  2. I'm imagining all the effort you put into making those shoes look neat in the photo.. dedicated blogger!
    Aleeha xXx

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  4. Mmmm. Love your dress, first of all. Second, shoes are so so so important! They kind of make or break an outfit, honestly. I got rid of several shoes earlier this year, and am trying to be more economical/intentional about shoes I buy. I DO want a closet full of shoes one day (hehe) but I want them all to be shoes I LOVE.

    I like your collection! Thanks for sharing.


  5. you have so many shoes!! how do you fit them all in your closet? haha. the perfect pair can really make an outfit :)

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  7. Wow... great collections dear...
    I owned 264 pairs at the moment, how much of a shoes lover do you think I am? LOL
    Instagram @grace_njio

  8. so many amazing shoes!!

  9. Love this look on you babe! I have a slight shoe problem too hehehe!

    Ashleigh x


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