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I’m not much of a foodie but today I try to show you around one of best eating spots here in Balikpapan city. Biru Laut / Ocean Blue is a seafood restaurant located directly on the beach. Their seafood was divine! We pretty much ordered a lot of things off the menu and taste was everything even though their menu is a little bit pricey! But I highly recommend you guys try it if you haven’t been already.
A restaurant’s ambiance is just as important as the delectability of the food. I usually love places that are cozier than a commercial and overly decorated ones. I really adore the concept of this restaurant; the airy and all green-white interior, vintage photos and paintings all around. Such as a laid back atmosphere to come with friends/family.
I came here together with my co-workers last Sunday to celebrate our anniversary of working together.
I am so obsessed with their sweet and sour shrimps…to die for!
This place is best for a beautiful setting to relax with your meal while gazing at the beach and the sky.



  1. What a nice place! I'd love to try some shrimp with rice balls.


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