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You can't visit Jogja without visiting Alun Alun Kidul, riding the odong-odong, eating angkringan foods and trying its myth to walk pass the twin Banyan trees with eye blindfolded. If I could be honest, Yogyakarta might be one of my favorite cities in Indonesia. This city will always be one of Indonesia’s cities I always love to go for a short getaway in the middle of chaotic deadlines. It's my second time to Yogyakarta and I am still amazed.
Alun Alun Kidul is like the combination of traditional part and modern part of the city. I advice you to visit this place at night because the darker the night, the higher the crowd, you wont be feeling alone by yourself by then ;p This place is not a quiet place where you can find tranquility, but its cheerful aura will definitely amuse you.
There are many other things we did in this place like; I and ka Tri was busy chasing the flying bubbles from liquid soap blown by the sellers hahaha we even rented an odong odong that night.
Before that, we also tried the myth of walking pass the twin Banyan trees. Lots of tourists and locals gather around this compound to try it out themselves. The rule of the game is simple; people need to successfully cross through those giant Banyan trees by walking straight about 20meter to reach the Banyan trees and your eyes must be blindfolded.
It was not as easy as we thought tho. We all were failed. Actually ka Tri almost succeeded and I always happened to take the wrong direction, I thought I was walking straight until I took the blindfold off. An old man told me the secret to walking straight to pass the Banyan trees is just don't worry about the direction, I just need to trust myself haha maybe I didn't have pure heart that night, but at least I didn’t make a complete U-turn.
Certainly, walking with eyes blindfolded is harder than with eyes open. This little game has a best message that we have to work hard and keep our heart pure to achieve our destination.
Here's our staycation when we were in Yogyakarta. We stayed in Rengganis Hotel. The rooms are average but comfortable, they have a very unique swimming pool (it looks like a grand piano from the second floor), this place is nice and clean. It's quite cheap for a spacious rooms.



  1. Looks like so much fun and love the decor of that hotel!


  2. Oh so awesome! Love those lights ♡

  3. Ahhh, reading your post about Jogja made me miss this city so bad!!
    Back then, Alun-alun kidul used to be one of the places that I avoided on weekend, just because it has always been so damn crowded there xD But now I'm craving to go there after seeing your photos.
    It seems like you had lots of fun riding the odong-odong with your friends! ;)
    Waiting for your next post ;)

    xx from Tokyo,



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