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Everybody knows that eye makeup is an essential thing to women when it comes to makeup, so finding the perfect beauty weapon is very important. I'm always excited every time I received my Hermo boxThis time I'll introduce my latest eye make up secret. Being a huge fan of Korean beauty products, I was super stoked when I finally can have my MEMEBOX products accompanied by 12 mask sheets from Hermo Indonesia.

What's not to love about this two-in-one mascara?
It's essential to have a good mascara. I think mascara is very important when doing eye make up. To me nothing feels complete with a great and full coat of a good mascara and good mascara should last the whole night, not clump and not get smudged.
This I'm Meme Dual Mascara DM01 Ink Black is one mascara with two different brushes and formulas. It's marketed as a natural lash extension formula with 4 mm fiber content. It's formulated with black bean and blackberry extracts to fortify the lashes. The brush on the left (the curved side) is meant for the top lashes and the smaller brush on the right is super tiny and meant to coat the bottom lashes (shorter lower lashes). It's the perfect way to finish off and frame your eyes with fuller-looking and flirty lashes seriously hahaha.

I have an obsession with eye palettes now. The packaging is simple like with plastic matte black exterior with the name of the product printed in glossy print on the front and magnetic closure. Inside there are two rows of 5 eyeshadows, a dual ended brush, and a built in mirror. This palette has 10 eye shadows, a highly-pigmented shadows with 3 different finishes. you can create a multitude of looks for both day and night. The rich combination of matte shades and luminous shimmers offer a beautiful variety to glam up any beauty look on any skin tone.

Actually I have Day to Night palette, it contains a good combination of apricot beiges and warm browns that is great for daily makeup look as well as some deeper shades that instantly add sultry glamour to your daily look. These colors look flattering on everyone, especially for those who have warm-toned like me.
The formula is buttery smooth, not a lot of kickback and it’s used great either with a brush or fingers. The glitters in my opinion are better used with fingers than a brush. I can say that I am very pleased.

And I’m just going to say, if you want to save money, just get this palette, in just a single palette, it's everything you'll need to achieve currently trending beauty looks. However, do what you wish but I’m always on a budget haha.
My latest favorite mask sheets; Always 21 Acai Berry and Nature Republic Bamboo sheets.
I’ve said it before and no doubt I’ll say it again, I’m not very good at make-up. I don’t feel like I have the expertise to title this a tutorial haha. I’m messy and impatient when it comes to doing my own makeup.
But first, I'll show you my bare face (such a shame) can't really hide the chubby cheeks ;p
If you follow my blog you can tell that I’m not the kind of person who loves to use a lot & a dramatic makeup. I'll go with this natural makeup which looks fresh and cute, I called it Picnic Day makeup.
I use I'M MEME EYESHADOW PALETTE "Everyday" as an eye shadow base before blending it with "Picnic Day". I also use "Everyday" shadow for my under eye and then I'll finish it with a touch of "Shining Day". It turned out just as good for daily use, don't you agree?
For I'M MEME DUAL MASCARA dual mascara, oh yes I can't lie I am very addicted. Not only it gives the massive volume my lashes with just one coat. I can now have the "pop eyes" without any fake lashes.
Now, transitioning from daytime makeup to nighttime makeup.
As much as I want to pretend I’m a makeup guru–I’m not. I’m just really not. But I tried to brings a versatile mix of romantic and (not-so) dramatic look with a shimmery gold and sparkling browns.
To start off, I applied "Picnic Day" as my eye base after that I applied "Romantic Day" with "Wonderful Day", I blended them together, then I topped it off with a darker shade "Moody Day" that has a little hint of brown in order to make my eyes bigger (start brushing from the outer corners going inward).
I also applied "Special Day" on the bottom part (close to lash line), outer area and crease of my eyelid. This creates the smokey effect. Then, I finish off my eyes by brushing liquid eyeliner on top of my upper lash line.
I am obsessed with the little brush of I'M DUAL MASCARA for my bottom lashes. It makes it so easy to get a natural full coat of mascara on the bottom lashes and it doesn't smudge at all. I can have that natural lash-extension effect everyday, thanks to our dual-ended, dual-formula mascaras featuring 4mm fiber content. With this DUAL MASCARA 2 - 3 coats are enough to create this look.



  1. Hii Ollyv salam kenal yaaa, aku suka freckles di muka kamu, jadi kaya bule :D
    Btw warna lipsticknya cakep <3

  2. You look amazing. I love that eyeshadow palette. The shades are so nice. Great post.


  3. Love the lipstick and the black eye shadow too :)

  4. these products looks so lovely ♥

    you have beautiful hair!


  5. That eyeshadow palette looks really nice. Simple colours you can use easily to create a range of different looks. It’s great that it’s highly pigmented too!


  6. your makeup looks so lovely! love the curls in your hair too! :)

    Metallic Paws

  7. Such a pretty transformation! And your skin, wow girl! So flawless!




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