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I don’t know where to start. I have so many things to say to you guys today that I think this one is gonna be long enough (but I’ll try to write it shorter anyway hehe).
Writing about this topic on the toughest week with a million thoughts in my mind. I question myself why and how I’m able to keep myself going.
Back then I was still a college student, I would sit in self-pity; wondering that I haven’t done anything remarkable unlike everyone else and somehow it made me think that I am a complete failure. I would often feel like I was being left behind as everyone around me getting their lives together. I would feel more of a mess than I already am. But I realized, it is already an achievement to just live, to just breath.

Have you ever felt like everything isn’t just going your way?
I have and I’m sure you’ve had days like these too.

This post has been a long time coming for me, personally because feeling happy in myself and to love myself have been a journey and a half. I'm a firm believer in trying to find the good side in any situation (even though I still can't manage myself to keep the positivity in me), but I am learning to find my own source of happiness within myself and that it's not all about pleasing others at the expense of anyone's content. Finding self-worth inside of you is so important and freeing. With that in mind, I want to spread an empowering message of happiness and self love to all of you and tell you why it is so important to put your own happiness first :)

You're the one person you have to live with, you need to thank yourself every morning for being there to support your own happiness. Happiness will always be there inside you and surrounding yourself. You do only live once. Just make changes to put your happiness first in life, because you are worth more than the cycle of life that people try to impose on you.
When you start to put your happiness and self love first, so many things open up to you, there would be more opportunities;
Whether your happiness leads to a new job, a new hobby, or maybe a new partner, happiness allows you to feel good and it leads you to new exciting things to experience. If you feel happy, then congratulations.
Whether you're feeling alone, wanting to refocus on your life goals, want a bit of sunshine in your life, keep putting self love and your happiness will open up a positive emotion and energy.
I’m quite a happy girl. Well I think that I am. That sometime it makes wonder why I kept smiling when my heart is breaking. And tonight, it finally dawned on me on how important it is to be happy in the good times and in the worst situations. I’m struggling with it sometimes as well.

How am I supposed to smile when the ones I care are feeling sad?
How am I supposed to smile when everyone else is sulking?
How am I supposed to keep that smile on my face when my world crashes within a blink of an eye?
Why do I keep putting a smile in a bid to cheer up those around me when everyone knows my heart? (people around me sometimes can feel that the smile I show is not how I am really feeling).

But I keep doing it anyway, I think because I have self love.
Everyone deals with pain and problems differently. It’s how we pick ourselves up from each situation and prevent that downward spiral of negativity. Some prefer to see things in a more positive light and not let it get to them. We’re all human and our emotions make us who we are.
But remember this too, the importance of having someone to keep everyone’s spirits up and shed more positive light is important. They can be the pillar of strength and optimism. Self love is needed but don't let it make you a selfish person. In my case, I always have my mom and my dad who I can share everything happened in my life, they both are like a real bestfriends to me.
I try to remind myself everyday and you should too :) Self doubt can’t be prevented, it sometimes knocks you down every now and then but always remember all you have to do is stand up and fight it. And do note that God won’t leave you hanging. He’s just preparing you for something better.

Much loves, Ollyvia



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