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Food has been a big love and hate in my life and for now I love food more than I hate it, I think that's pretty clear now. Sometimes my Instagram is filled with snaps of foods and if it's not on Instagram then I'm probably tweeting about it on my Twitter hahaha and the fact that I am getting fatter here T.T one way or another, I am eating and I am truly enjoying it.

Anyway this time, I am about to share you some photos we managed to take when I attended BPNfoodies' gathering at Rooks Cafe & Store.
The design of Rooks cafe is simply clean with a few tables, the space is immaculate. I love the warm ambiance because of the yellowish lighting and cozy setting, I felt like I was at home. This cafe is air-conditioned! Well, something that you'll be looking for on humid days in Balikpapan. For those who are smokers, they also have few tables at the terrace too.
For the food menu, it is quite various and seems really appetizing. Based on my visit, I think they performed well (just not yet perfect), I love the casual-friendly service. I also love their chocolate drink, it was the perfect blend of milk and chocolateYou might remember how much I love drinking chocolate even now, I wish I could wake up to a glass of ice chocolate or a cup of hot chocolate every day ;p
I might not be a good model but my hands might be lol. Beside trying the foods and taking the photos, I was forced to do this (hands & food in frame) hahaha but yeah that's okay.
(Photos by Febby Syarif)
Their velvet shots are the bomb. This is super delicious (they said. I didn't want to try it because I don't like red velvet, my tongue doesn't like actually, i don't know why) but it was so tempting at the first sight I saw it.
(Photos by Gais Andrew)



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