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Here I am again, writing to you my thoughts and hopefully this piece would make sense at midnight. I have two different recognitions to confess.

I’ve been having really stressful moments and I feel many heavy burdens I’m trying to balance on my shoulders that sometimes constantly cry myself to sleep every night because of these pressures that I could not cope. I admit I do have self-confidence issues and lacking of positive thoughts, the people I met in real life didn’t believe me that I am such a shy person, to be honest I was trying too hard on myself to be liked by everyone. Well, everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about no matter how perfect things may seem.

I also admit it that I’m someone that cringes when people praise and compliment me. I thank them for being so kind and lovely with his/her words, just how lovely to know that he/she sees me in a much better light than I make myself out to be. I can’t help but think “I’m not all that they give me credit for”.
Being in this state, where we want to be perfect, we tend to forget that we are still human and we can be flawed.

Don't worry with the thoughts that come to you in your lowest situation, even when you’re feeling the lowest or simply experiencing stress, you don’t need to feel like you’re not good enough no matter how hard you try. Please throw away that kind of thought "I'm gonna always be the best I can so that people will always like me and they wont leave me alone".

I’m here to say: stop trying to please everyone, be yourself. Stop hating yourself for not being good enough with senseless worries. Know at the back of your mind that this too shall pass.
You can always try to be a little better than the person you were yesterday. Make mistakes, get your heart broken (I’ve felt it many times virtually in the early 2017, at least I can say it made me a human), I hope you’ll know that overcoming those shits in the past has made you the person you are today.

Here’s to you: shape your own better future by learning from every person/issue you come across. Try to find your own vision to see beauty in being imperfect. Be the beautiful mess by stitching up with good intentions. Keep improving yourself every day and focus being you. Make peace with both of your heart and mind.



  1. :( this is what's happening on mind and read this such a wake up call for me literally :( kak, you'll always be my fave person to talk to, who can lift me up in every way you do. I wish you are always happy. Sending much loves from here xoxo



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