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Being in the era of having so many options to share anything we want to on social media; blog, facebook, twitter, instagram and other platforms, sometimes you can’t help but keep seeing what other people have done for themselves happily and suddenly it makes you feel like you're not doing enough and feel so lost in a sea of people who have found their callings.

Through social media, we would see a lot of people virtually making the most in their lives like traveling across continents, featured in an online press, invited to attend a cool party/event, achieved their life time goals, found her/his soulmate or got a blessing to do their dream jobs. The thing is, the more you see about other people are listing down their goals on social media, the more you will suffer with your own mind that you have to be as cool as them, as pretty as them, it seems like they are practically pressuring you with the wave of updates that we see from strangers each day, we would live in a world of constant comparison. Yes, virtual world sometimes can be so mean.
Well, just because everyone else seems like they know what they’re doing doesn’t mean that you will never do. Instead of getting attracted to virtual world, you need to spent your "own hours" figuring your vision board out, list all of your goals and make it happen. Find yourself and your passion, create something out of it, focus on your next steps.

It took a while for me to realize that there are billions of people out there, every single of them have their own paces and obstacles. I have mine, you have yours, they have theirs. It might seem like he/she is more successful than you because they’re able to achieve their goals this year while you haven’t. Believe that everything will be beautiful in its time. Life isn’t a race. Have a bigger faith that someday you will get there too. Like you, every now and then I have to remind myself to take pleasure in the little things, to slow down, to treasure every moment, just do my best and always be grateful with what I have. I can assure you, everyone is simply trying out their best too.
Try to be kinder to yourself. Social media may try to break you down with 'you need to do that to impress people' or 'you need to have those things to be eligible to do that'. Remember this, your own contented happiness and self confidence is more worth to your long-term joy and outlook on life.
Pictures taken at Maratua Island, Indonesia.



  1. Memang kadang kita jadi merasa gak ada apa2nya dibandingkan orang lain ketika kita liat social medianya. Aku pernah merasakan hal ini. Padahal pada dasarnya kebanyakan orang cuma share hal yg menjadi highlight dalam hidupnya.
    Thanks sudah sharing dan mengingatkan kembali tentang hal ini :)

  2. I can totally relate. Thank you for writing this :)

    Dee |

  3. lovely look

    Mrs. Aa

  4. Totally agree! Anyway, did you ever thought that some of those well doing people on the internet are just faking their lives!

  5. This post is so true, and all social media is just the good bits you don't see people's hardships and their struggles

    the Quirky Queer

  6. This post is so freakin true, like your first paragraph is so relatable to me :"(

    Margareta Vania
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