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After spending a week in the Capital City, I landed to where it is now called home. I was afraid to miss Jakarta and its people, just like last time I did after spending so much time in Yogyakarta but surprisingly it actually feels so good to be back even though I might be alone living here.

Recently I got so many texts and emails from readers/followers about how they love to read every single thoughts I left here, it's like they adore my life so much and they think I am a wise one and never face any difficulties, well I have to say, I’ve never really opened up massively about my relationships and personal endeavors here on my blog just because it’s my positive place where all I want is this fulfilling, uplifting feeling of joy and celebration of creativity and unspoken thoughts. This blog has been my personal diary that I want to share with you guys hoping that it’s something you might be going through too or at least manage to put words onto something that you might have had on your heart. But I really appreciate it if you got something whenever you visited my blog. I hope I can bring more positivity through this page. Cheers love :)
Before leaving to Balikpapan, I’ve been spending a lot of time with some amazing people I’ve known based in Jakarta; It feels so awesome to get in touch with them again.



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