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As much as I focus on having natural and dewy skin, I have to rely on certain products to make sure my face is clear and camera ready for any beauty shoot I do for my blog's content! By that means it’s very important for me to make sure that I remove all of that gunk off my face properly and wash the face after a long day wearing heavy/light makeup. So far I've known that most makeups are made of oily substances that can cause extensive damage and skin imperfections to your skin. We all know the struggle of not wanting to take off our makeup because we’re just too tired for the task but if we refuse to do it, believe me it will clogs your pores and leads to the appearance of more acnes, blackhead breakouts, fine lines, puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. It’s never too late to change that habit, your skin will thank you for it.
So through this blog post, I want to share you a quick way to clean off all your makeup residue, dirt and oil after a long tiring day, I use Nivea Beauty Kit Starter Pack from Sociolla IndonesiaHere are the items you will require for removal your makeup.
Before I start applying my makeup base, I manage to use this Nivea White Make Up Starter 2 in 1 Moisturizing Day SerumSerum ini dirancang khusus untuk para pecinta make up sebagai dasar foundation make up. Serum ini dapat diserap kulit wajah dengan cepat tanpa membuat wajah mengkilap dan berminyak, cocok untuk kulit normal sampai berminyak dibantu oleh 95% kemurnian Vitamin C + Pearly White Menutrisi kulit yang mencerahkan wajah hanya dalam 4 minggu dengan SPF 33 PA+++ UVA/UVB untuk melindungi kulit dari sinar ultraviolet yang dapat merusak kulit.
Then I will apply Nivea Lip Butter (raspberry rose) before applying my lipstick/lip tint. Diperkaya dengan shea butter dan minyak almond, lip butter ini benar-benar melembutkan dan memanjakan bibir dengan perawatan intensif yang tahan lama, membuat bibir terlihat sehat karena efek warna natural pada bibir.
It smells like Raspberry Rose. I love it.
Now for the removal steps, I rely on both products below to have a clean and fresh face! This Nivea Makeup Clear Micellar Water is like my best friend to my face. Hanya dengan 1 langkah, bersihkan makeup secara bersih menyeluruh tanpa residu dengan kandungan Capric Glycerides yang membersihkan make up dengan efektif, terasa lembut ditambah dengan adanya kandungan Lactic Acid, yang menjaga kelembaban kulit, membersihkan make up tanpa membuat kulit wajah menjadi kering.
Last but not least, I always make sure to wash my face right away with Nivea Makeup Clear 2 in 1 Foam to properly clean the skin, I am a believer that micellar water is not enough, it doesn't do the job completely because it only removes makeup from the surface of your skin. This foam takes cleansing to the next level by gently helping to balance skin while providing comfortable to help dissolve oil and impurities that build up in the pores, while providing oil-balancing benefits. It also helps balance out skin tone without over-drying. I can see a brighter complexion, improved skin clarity and freshness!
After removing your makeup, always remember that washing your face is just as important knowing that the best foundation for makeup is a healthy and clean face. If you spend as much effort on taking off your makeup as you would putting it on, you’ll be astonished to see the difference it makes on your complexion and look.
Watch how I simply remove my everyday makeup with the help of Nivea Beauty Kit Starter Pack through this simple video <3



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