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They said the best makeup products are the ones that can be used in a multitude of different occasions, and I totally agreed with that.
This time Maybelline has just launched their newest product : Color Sensational Lip Tint, the first Lip Tint for day & night look, warna cerah dan nyata, tahan lama dan ringan di bibir, whoaaah I'm so excited and in love with the lip tint especially when I got my hands on it. Thanks to Sociolla Indonesia. I can now get my hands on my favorite products without heading out to the stores (especially on lazy days haha). These come in four wearable shades; Berry, Apricot, Light Pink and Fruit PunchI have tried it almost everyday at work. It totally provides me with all day moisture and a flush of color. It is Fragrance-free for those that find highly scented lips are too overbearing.

This lip tint has good metallic packaging and it can be used as your travel companion. The applicator itself makes you to apply this lip tint onto your lips easily, the applicator is so soft and delivers the color nicely, it is very easy to draw thin and thick line depending on the pressure you give. This lip tint has thick watery texture but not sticky at all. Trust me it looks AMAZING. It should be your must-have product this month because you can wear it for day to night occasions. It only cost IDR 119.000 at Sociolla, you can get your favorite shades and get IDR 50.000 off by using this voucher code SBNLAEWF at checkout for minimum purchase of IDR 250.000.
Of course this wasn’t my first lip tint, I once received some lip tints from South Korea's brands and I can't lie out of all lip tints I've had and tried, I find this product to be the best lip tint <3
Anyway, I want to mention that Sociolla Indonesia turns TWO this month, Happy Birthday <3 For those who wants to upgrade makeup products you should enjoy it at Sociolla website as they have month-long birthday celebration and sale extravaganza. You also can get Happiness Kit for any purchase with no minimum order also a bag of Sociolla exclusive sample or one full size product for minimum order of IDR 300.000.
It’s been ages since I last did a beauty shoot for my everyday make up look on this blog, and because I got Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Tints I am gonna do Lip Swatch. I created this simple kawaii look this afternoon. It's super easy and won’t take you longer than 7 minutes.

Start with no lip tint on my lips.
*After seeing this picture, we would realized that bare lips is never good enough lol, your makeup would never be complete without a touch of lip color*
Putting on your favorite shade of lip color can make you feel like a new woman and good thing is applying lip color (or even a tinted lip balm) is an easiest task. I have abandoned bare lips lol.
Every woman needs at least one go-to shade and I would like to give you four different looks (with the same makeup, I only changed the lip tint color) to help you understanding the power that your lip color can have.
Here’s a couple of my go-to lip tint along with short thoughts.

The beauty of Colored Lips; with a generous helping of Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Tint No. 1.
This shade has been my favorite color, yes it's the perfect shade for me. I can bring out the vibrance of my lips with this Color Sensational Lip Tint. This is ultra-light will keep moisturising your lip with just a hint of shine but absolutely no stickiness.
"There are endless ways to enhance beauty. You never know when you will find your perfect lipstick unless you keep experimenting."

The beauty of Colored Lips; with a generous helping of Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Tint No. 2.

Can you notice this vibrant lips and a sensational shine? I am totally in love. You can apply two coats for more vibrant color. I like the fact that the pigmentation of this lip tint is just right so I didn’t have any woes with the product migrating around my mouth.
"By bringing attention to your lips, you are also encouraging people to focus more on what you are saying and really listen effectively."

The beauty of Colored Lips; with a generous helping of Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Tint No. 7.
Nothing looks prettier on rough day with a pop of peachy lip that'll keep your pout perfectly peachy no matter what life throws at you. I like that this shade just sinks into my lips and make it look like they are naturally colored that way.
"A coat of lipstick indeed creates more contrast and the illusion of a more youthful appearance."
It lasts on my lips for few hours, maybe 6-8 hours which isn't too bad for me, obviously if I applied 1-2 layers, it would fade a little faster than if I applied 3-4 layers.
I used this shade for the first time at work last week (when I still had longer hair), the color stayed on for 8 hours without eating my lunch. Of course this lip tint will fade away like 65% but the color still there.

The beauty of Colored Lips; with a generous helping of the Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Tint No. 8.

The colour is nothing like the packaging, it's actually a lot darker than what I thought it would be but I love it! By layering the lip tint with 3 coats will make the color more intense which means I can switch it up from a natural lip color to a more vibrant and visible lip color for night look after layering it for several time.
"When you pick a shade that you feel great in, it can become what differentiates you from your surroundings, it can help you find what makes you is your lip color"
What I can say is I am very satisfied with the lip tint! It gives my lips a sensational shine while keeping them moisturized all day. I know that I’m spoilt for choice between four as they are perfect for every occasion to me hahaha.

 Let me know in the comments below if you like such reviews and I’ll be sure to do more of them for you. Last but not least, have you decided on your favorite Maybelline lip tint color yet?
The true definition of powerful cosmetic; It's the simplest thing that each woman can put on every single day and we feel beautiful.



  1. I saw these the other day but I wasn't sure if they were worth my money! They look cool!

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  2. OMGGGG the results are amazing. I really want to try it as well!
    Plus, your camera is so great!

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