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This week I admit it I felt a little bit of stress looking for some ideas to write (actually it just an excuse for laziness haha forgive me). Anyway it’s just a little thought which came across from my head right now, I often wonder whether life has been mapped out for all of us before we even realize it, like.... Do you really believe in destiny? Or whatever it is. 

Sometimes my brain gives me this kind of thought but my heart tells me that I get to create my own reality with my own strength and ability, I can attract people and situations, I am the one who can shape my life, guess what maybe that’s how I have lived my life in the past few years, I believed that we have the steering wheel, in truth God take the wheel, He is in control of everything happens in our lives, He took our lives in the direction He wanted it to be. And now it changed me, I would never let fears or any crazy/negative thoughts shape my own destiny. Oh dear God, I just want to be happy here, there, wherever and most importantly, I want to have no regrets in my life :)
Took a day off with co-workers to enjoy our afternoon at Kebun Raya Balikpapan/Balikpapan Botanical Garden last month. When we arrived at this place, it was freaking hot and humid (we went there after heavy rain poured down the city), and the fact that we were lazy enough to walk around so we won't bother to rent some bicycles because yeah cycling is (after walking) the easiest and most natural way to move along ;p but I, myself really enjoyed it even though it was my second time being there.
Blurred. Well it tells how life feels like these days.



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