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Who is afraid of the future? Count me in. I feel that time flies so fast, I rarely think about the future, I don’t know why, maybe it was because I have learnt that things can change in a snap of a finger, though sometimes I still fear enough thinking about the future ;p and actually I’ve been struggling with my blog content now haha there are days where my ideas are overflowing and I couldn’t wait to blog about it but there are days where my mind is totally blank and now I'm feeling so unmotivated to even try to think of something to write, instead I just talked about the future. Weird.
Anyway, today I would like to take a peek into my past moments using my own time machine, I found these pictures in my hard drive (taken during my college life) when I was being a host for K-Pop Youth Celebration (the biggest K-pop dance competition for all youth in Manado) and when I was brave enough to dress up as I wanted to (age doesn't lie though) ;p



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