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On my high school/college days I found out most people loved pop music. Tho I’ve been switching genres between pop-hip hop-ballad-EDM-country-rock-metal music (and the list goes on). Yes, my genre of music is quite random and to be honest I always have a thing for sad and tragic love songs! Been this way since teenager hahaha.

Music hunting is one of my favorite things to do when I’m bored. And finding “the right songs for soul” really can make me feel good and relaxed. Most especially if I find a song that I can play on repeat the whole week :) This week, I’ve never thought that I’d love to listen to Lana Del Rey (I even downloaded her newest songs for Lust for Life album). It’s weird because I always wonder why does my friend love to play her songs before doing his morning routine like "why do you really like a song that sounds like she is mourning someone who has died?" and yeah I must confess I didn't like Lana Del Rey's songs before listening to her newest songs over and over again, I've fallen for her angelic voice and melancholia/tragic romance/anti-love theme, it’s a perfect playlist for me right now.
And yes today, I’m finally sharing you my recent playlist on iTunes! I hope this will keep you company during gloomy days. So snuggle in with your blanky and pillow, it’s time for you to relax :)

1. Lana Del Rey - Love
2. IU Feat. G-Dragon - Palette
3. Machine Gun Kelly Feat. Hailee Steinfeld - At My Best
4. Charlie Puth - Dangerously
5. Lana Del Rey Feat. The Weeknd - Lust for Life
6. Lea Michele - Run to You
7. Daya - Love of My Life
8. Ruth B. - Superficial Love
9. Selena Gomez - Only You
10. Ed Sheeran - How Would You Feel



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