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I know in the past year I’ve mentioned that I was attempting to make lifestyle changes, from trying new foods to finally register myself at the gym. Keeping a regular exercise routine isn’t easy but I do what I can. Weekly training sessions concentrating on weights and legs workouts. Not a huge amount has changed here haha I’m still having a pizza when I want a pizza, ordering takeaways at night ;p yup I'm being honest now that I can't live without eating snacks (especially chips and chocolate bars etc) everyday. Yeah when you need something quick, it's super easy to go for a bag of chips, chocolate bars or something else that may not be as nutritious but helps to get rid of those hungry feelings, right? ;p

Talking about my go-to snack, belakangan ini aku lagi suka banget makan snack bar Soyjoy yang rasa Almond & Chocolate as substitution for those unhealthy snacks. Semua teman aku bilang rasa Soyjoy yang satu ini enak bgt dan I must agree! I get hungry very quickly so this one is good a choice for a snack.
Soyjoy Almond & Chocolate ini mengandung sumber protein, tinggi serat dan bebas gluten juga loh, pas banget kan dijadikan camilan sehat. Snack Bar ini dibuat dari tepung kedelai seutuhnya, kaya akan vitamin (A, B1, B6, E, dan asam folat) dan mineral (magnesium). Berasa makan coklat gak pake takut gendut deh :D
I can say that these Soyjoy bars are a healthy alternative to various snacks that are available. When I am in a situation where I feel no energy and needed some food to pick me up. I always choose a Soyjoy bar over a bag of chips or chocolate bar now. I really like the taste of these bars and feel full after eating them. It is a perfect snack when I am running around and don't have time to stop and eat. I definitely recommend them, you can't go wrong with these.
I liked the texture, easy to bite and chewy but not too sweet. You can even see the bits of real almond in the bar and they are not very big or dense.
By the way, akhir-akhir ini aku suka banget bolak balik baca-baca artikel yang ditulis di Beautynesia; mulai dari artikel berisi seputaran gaya hidup, informasi & tips seputar skin care dan produk kecantikan, tutorial sampai urusan diet (these two categories have been my kind of favorite "ebook" now: and Thanks to BEAUTYNESIA for always reminding me to keep living my life the best way I can, I’m definitely going to start kicking myself into shape.



  1. Astaga Olive! Akhirnya kita ketemu di blog! Kapan ketemu orangnya ya, pengen! Btw, aku baca post ini malem-malem gini sukses banget bikin laper :(( Jadi kepengin soyjoy juga hahahaha :))
    Anyway, nice shots! <3



  2. Your blog is so lively and lovely! Snacks look great, thank you for sharing~

    Have a nice day ^^

  3. They look delicious! Much better than grabbing a regular chocolate bar or a packet of chips!


  4. Aku suka soyjoy yang rasa strawberry.. belom nyobain yang coklat kayaknya lebih enak yah..


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