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In a cheerfully mannered way, I am sharing you my top 5 things that currently make my day better;

1. Small conversation with people that matter the most. Try to bring your walls down sometimes. You’ll be surprised how much they can make you happy. A small talk over tea with mom, small conversation-not mentioning about anything related to work- during lunch break with the team, unexpected phone call talking about anything and everything, a simple text asking about how's life lately, chit chat with girlfriends.

2. A good playlist with songs that can mourn with me when I feel sad and songs that can instantly brighten up my mood + A favorite book. Give yourself half a day of ‘me time' to unwind. Don’t dwell on the past year, nor let yourself freak out about the future. Just be present in the moment and do something that you find relaxing; reading a book, seriously I will never get sick of reading, it kills my boredom. A good book can freely express my thoughts/opinions. Anyway, I have finished reading an Indonesian novel Critical Eleven, I can't wait to watch the movie next week.

3. A YOLO friend/sister. I am happy that my cousin who used to live with me came to town this week. The one who can I rant to about the useless things that we always overthink about everyday, she is one of those people who I can text a useless like “I have a problem :( I feel fat/I feel lonely” and still empathize with you like your world is ending haha or the one who will drag her ass out of bed on a Friday late night to McDonalds and eating french fries at midnight. We might regret going out the next day but hey, at least we had fun right?

4. Merbliss Snow White Tiara Hand Cream. A hand cream should be a daily essential for everyone especially for myself as a visual merchandiser; my hands perform an amazing amount of work and the skin is regularly exposed to drying because most of the time I've spent a day in air conditioned room.
 And this hand cream that I got from Charis Official helps my days better since I've incorporated it as one of my daily self-care routines. It helps keeping the skin on my hands and fingers supple, moisturized and healthy with shea butter that instantly hydrate our dry and chapped hands, pearl extract, rosemary extract, lavender flower water. Not to mention, it makes my hands white and super soft with fascinating scent (I love that delicate baby powder fragrance). 
5. Another Four Beauties masks, yeah I am really obsessed with face maskThis time I got Wang Zhaojun Anti Aging mask pack to get rid of wrinkles and keeping my skin looks young and firm. It contains sea buckthorn fruit extract and adenosine for wrinkle free and radiant skin. I can smile all I want without worrying about wrinkles. To Those who seek cellulose sheet mask that clings tightly to your face, you can get it at Charis Official.



  1. such a nice and lovely post! i love how these little things could make your day better!

    Followed you on GFC, mind following me back?
    let's keep in touch! ^^


  2. Lovely list! Always important to always look at the positive things in life.



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