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I remember celebrating my 17th birthday party at pizza hut with my closest high school friends and all I was excited about was the thought of entering college and the new things I would be experiencing and learning. When I look back again to that teenage years, I only could smile and laugh about everything that happened to me back because all those brought me to where I am today and it leads me wondering what if I were given the chance to tell a 17 year old Ollyvia, it would be fun and yup here I am now sharing with you 10 things I’d tell to my 17 year old self:

1. Appreciate the people who makes you happy and feel loved, drop the ones that make your life complicated. Friends come and go. Be in a circle of people who respect you.
 2. Meet as much people as you can because once you are in your twenties, your circle would get smaller, so take as much as life lessons from everyone you met.
3. Trust your guts and get out from your comfort zone as soon as you can.
4. Don't be afraid to fall in love. It’s scary at first but you find yourself slowly opening up to someone and you'd experience emotions you never knew existed within you. 
5. Have as much fun as you can, try new things in life and stop worrying about too many things just because you're afraid of the future.
6. Be more chill toward everything/everyone and get rid of your intimidating/annoying careless aura that scares people off. Focus on building up your character as an individual with warm and kind hearted.
7. Failure isn’t a one-way street and don't forget that you can always reframe anything to get what you want when you put more efforts and sincerity. You might be an underdog years ago but this is life, sometimes you're in the highest point of your life but you can also be in the lowest and deepest hole of your life.
8. Never mind the haters both in real life and social media, you're just doing what you love; blogging and taking photos.
9. Choose what your heart says but never ignore what your mind is saying. Just say no to the things that you don't want to share or do.
10. You're lucky to be you <3



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