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There’s a rainbow after the rain. That's my mantra every time I make stupid mistake that leads to disappointment inside my head. Well yeah, instead of dwelling on it and blaming yourself, I'd rather look back and see where was the part that I did wrong, make a note in my brain and learn how to deal with those issues and the situation I was in so I won’t do the same mistake again :)
What do I get? I started getting to capture things in a positive way to turn things around, it creates a sense of calmness and peace. I understand that just now.
Being positive allows you to have a clearer mind in dealing with tough situations. Don't let your emotions engulf you and allow all the negative vibes to rub off on the people around me (that'd be the worst scenario ever). So when something good is taken away from you/something bad is happening, always have faith that something better is coming soon.



  1. nice look

    Mrs. Aa

  2. Thank you for your positive attitude! Thank you for your thoughts!


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