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You may have noticed that I’ve been a little MIA from not only my blog but also social media over the last few weeks which has given me a sense of freedom in a weird way. I just haven’t been that social on social media. I find myself  stressing and feeling down about my lack of time and ability to do everything like I normally do. I have my own blogger's block; it feels like when you don’t know what to write about because you ran out of ideas and to be honest, I didn’t dedicate 100% of my time to blogging. I once wanted to have a blogging career. But I realized I just want to blog for fun, for documenting my life, and not be pressured to do it.
First and foremost, I only want to do things that make me happy in real life. That doesn't mean I stop having fun and being happy in this virtual life. Pretty much I almost fade out of the "blogging business", considering I was lucky enough that by the time I was a college student, my blog was in a place where I could earn some kind of money from it. I surely miss the good old days when blogging was a form of sharing experiences, sharing adventures with the readers and when people would look at me weirdly or asking me what was blogging? Why did you take photos almost everyday?

I’m so sorry for the lack of new content, it pains me to be unable to focus on producing and sharing the content I love (nobody probably cares anyway hahaha). Have you been lacking on social media recently too?



  1. I think all of us go through that once in a while, but it's also a good time to kind of refresh and "start over" and get back into it again. thanks for sharing your thoughts :)


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