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Last Saturday I got an invitation to attend Bloggers and Influencers Gathering at Grand Tjokro Hotel, Balikpapan. It's located only one kilometer from Sepinggan airport and all most business, shopping and entertainment places (what a strategic location). The hotel's atmosphere was very work-friendly but it also offered a great escape for someone like me. In the moments of chaos and a lot of packed schedules at work, it really helped me to have such a break from those packed schedules.
I love places that are beautifully decorated that I took so much instagram worthy pictures while being at Grand Tjokro Balikpapan with the others.
They served so many variants foods from angkringan to buffet foods in a very good welcoming venue (eating good food by the pool is really a good idea, right?). Well they really gave our taste buds a journey through their innovative cooking experiences.
Chill time by the pool with good friends.
At the event, I met a lot of bloggers and influencers; we shared good moments, good foods and to be honest I really had fun that day.
Thank you Grand Tjokro Balikpapan for connecting and offering us great services and fun event. I can't wait to go back :)



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