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I don’t know where to start. I have so many things to say actually. First of all, the absence of "Note-to-self" posts made me think why I haven’t been so passionate to write my thoughts like I used to.
Was it because I didn’t have anything to talk about? Or is it because I feel like these posts aren’t getting as many views as my beauty posts?
Well, I don't think so because there are some posts from this series that are still getting views and are on top of the other ones.    

Now, where do I even begin?
Everyone has their own view on what makes a “successful” year, but I personally measure it with versatility. When I was still a college girl, I used to think that I’d be staying doing one skill for the rest of my career. So many things I learned from 2017, one of the lessons I learned is versatility! if you’re versatile, you’re infinitely more valuable than someone who is more specific in their profession.
As you guys may know, I've started blogging since 7 years ago when I was a college girl. 
When I first started blogging, I had no idea how to edit photos even videos (for my youtube channel). To learn how to use new apps for photo/video editing, photography and even doing some coding for this blog was all new to me aside studying about anatomy, pathology, etc in the university.
But after trial and error, eventually I've found my way. I never thought I'd be a beauty blogger like I am now (I wasn't really good at makeup until now though). How funny life is, but I am beyond grateful for it, for the versatility I hold for myself.

To sum it up, I got my first degree as a public health bachelor and I also gained a lot of some skills in the process (photography/writing/videography/editing) for about 3,5 years. Then as I am now a full-time worker in fashion industry, I am gaining/learning some new skills from my workplace physically and mentally.

Learning new things may be completely challenging but after you learn it, you have a new skill that can be marketableI am a believer of learning as much as I can.
Like what they say "you’ll never know if you try".
So go on, explore, learn and do better. Do better because you want to do the best you can. But sometimes it’s okay to be afraid while you're about to learn something new, afraid to be hated/disliked/judged from what you do, afraid to be a failure. It’s okay for you to pause for a while and think, to be simply said to stay for a while in your comfort zone as long as you keep moving forward little by little each passing day, my dear readers.



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