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Lip tints are definitely K-Beauty’s forte though I’m actually not sure if Korea was the one who brought lip tint to Beauty world. Anyway, today I want introduce you to my Charis' Best Hero: Romand Juicy Lasting TintI recently discovered it not so long ago! So, keep scrolling down guys.

Summer has always been the season of juicy fruits and let me present you the juiciest, glossiest, the most pigmented lip tints for your lips. Discover the new whole experience with Lip tints from Romand; long lasting and vivid colours.

Welcome to the Juicy world of the Romand.

I got the new collection of Romand Juicy tints (6 colours + 1 new colours) last week sent by Charis team. Available in 7 gorgeous colours + tropical fruit scents, the Romand Juicy Lasting Tint is going to be your favourite lip tints. Each tube perfectly describes summer vibes; bright, fun and tempting.

This lip tint went on a completely different direction with the liptint packaging for general. I really love the packaging and the colours of these tints are absolutely gorgeous.
Each shade has a corresponding fruit on the box and each is scented like the fruit. It’s kinda perfect for this weather and really sets the mood when you swipe them on but don't worry that juicy fragrance will go away after application.
It looks like liptick in terms of pigmentation but totally buildable. Just one swipe you’ll get a super pigmented result. Here are my bare lips;
And here is what it looks like on my lips after applying the rooking new colour; Jujube, I am so happy that Charis team introduced me to these Juicy Lasting Tints, especially the new colour.

Seriously, the colour is beautiful and true to the pictures (although in some lighting it pulls more mauve and others it pulls more like red wine). I guarantee it matches to everyone well.
I also love the regular tear shape since I can get a better edge to my lips for a cleaner lip line. I also tried to finish the whole look that by applying Romand Crazy Payoff liptick in Dusty Pink shade on top of the lip tint, surprisingly gorgeous. I am lovin' it.
I usually prefer lipstick because it lasts longer and less sticky but since I have got the Romand lip tints that not sticky at all and easy to apply. I have been wearing them all day now. Eacy day I’ve dedicated a new shade.

*MONDAY......Back to Work!!!!
Juicy Oh; a delicious orange shade that looks like a orange drink.
I also have tested to use the liptint as the blush, and it looks just fine.

*TUESDAY......Let's run together!

Dragon Pink; a neon purple-pink that looks like a real dragon fruits colour. This shade stained on my lips for the entire day.

*WEDNESDAY......Time to hang out with friends!

Summer Scent; a bright pinky-watermelon red.

*THURSDAY......I'm Fine today let's go for a walk!

Ruby Red; a perfect red-pinkish shade for summer. 

*FRIDAY......Time to mingle and have fun!

The rookie new colour Jujube; mauve colour, lighter than Figfig. The next hot item.
It still looks good till night.

*SATURDAY......I just want to be lazy at home!
Peach Me; a pinky peach.


Figfig; a red-brownish touch. It's so rare to find this kind of colour in any lip tint products.
Overall, I have my definite favorites; Jujube & Peach Me, but honestly every shade is the winner. The formula of the liptint is also divine; like a tint, it stains your lips (you can do a nice gradient lip with it) and it has much more moisture than a typical tint (glossy). It last 6-8 hours long when I noticed it completely faded away after eating my foods haha.
The latest offering from Korean makeup brand that’s gone viral in world is now available on my Charis store with the best promotional offers for my dear readers: https://hicharis.net/ollyvialaura/3h5



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