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HELLO GORGEOUS READERS, I’m planning to continue my Charis’ Best Heroes for these days in a row because I have discovered some great products there as my holiday gifts (it arrived just in time for Christmas & New Year hahaha)I can say that I'm pretty adventurous with trying new makeup/skincare products from South Korea. This time I am going to speak up about my recent favorite eye products; Chica-Y-Chico One Shot Eye Palettes & Merzy Pen Eyeliner.
As you may know, Charis is a Korean e-commerce that sells so many cosmetics and skincare products and ship all over the world.
I have Chica-Y-Chico One Shot Eye Palette in Wine Burgundy (Dress Code eye palette) & Mellow Sand (Sandy Beach eye palette). Chico Y Chica is a new Korean makeup brand to me, it is somewhat popular in Korea. Chica-Y-Chico is a cruelty free beauty company. I’ve been seeing these mini palettes on Instagram a lot. These palettes comes in small packages (super travel friendly) but the pans seem to be a decent size, right?
Wine Burgundy consists 6 attractive colours/shadows with 3 types in 1 palette (mattes, shimmers, and glitters);
- Gold Clutch
- Nude Chiffon
- Burgundy Heel
- Rose Satin
- Cappuccino Velvet
- Wine Silk

Before applying Wine Burgundy one shot eye palette by Chica-Y-Chico.
After applying Wine Burgundy one shot eye palette by Chica-Y-Chico.
I love the colours/shadows and its texture. One eye palette can create so many different looks, though I don't have extremely high expectations on the accuracy of its violet/purple shade (Wine Silk). Overall, the colors are very versatile and work for all skin tones.
As the name says, this palette is perfect for Dress Code aka Party look. I would probably use this palette if I go to a party.
I also using Merzy Pen Eyeliner Coffee Bun. Whether I want a statement bold graphic line or a defined feline flick, I've found the perfect pen eyeliner for me.
Merzy the first Pen Eyeliner is completely free of animal-derived ingredients and is not tested on animals (vegan friendly). I've tried many waterproof liquid eyeliners before, the eyeliner under my lower lashes would be gone because of sweats hahaha but this pen eyeliner works well.
I took a chance on this product because my go-to gel eyeliner was out of stock. It comes in 3 colours; Coffee Bun, Brownie and Oreo. The pen eyeliner has great consistency with resistance against oil and moisture with 0.12 mm micro brush, It can make the best eye lines from delicate line to strong bold lines.
Continuing my talk about Chica-Y-Chico One Shot Eye Palette, Wine Burgundy's shadows are more consistent compared to my Mellow Sand palette but these shadows have a softer and smoother feel. They blend very easily and stay colour true. Perfect for everyday makeup. Mellow Sand consists 6 attractive colours/shadows, they all are matte shadows;

- Pinkish Starfish
- Cashmere Sandy Beach
- Love Sand Print
- Building a Sandcastle
- Playing in the Sand
- Nuddy Sand
These lovely and handy palettes make it easy to create a gorgeous eye look. I'm surprised that most Korean eyeshadows are not as pigmented, but this is something I like, it's decently pigmented and buildable. I haven’t had a problem with any of them! I really like this palette.

I love the Mellow Sand eye palette so much. Whenever I'm wearing it, people comment on how pretty it looks. I highly recommend it.
What I love about the Chico Y Chica is, it also can be used as eyebrow makeups, blusher and nose shading (look my photo below) hahaha.
Ever feel like you can never get the angle right when applying liner? Luckily, Merzy pen eyeliner has devised a bendable brush, the results will be flawless every time. This liner is amazing, super long lasting and waterproof.
Where to find all these best items;
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