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DAY 2 IN SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA. No visit to Seoul would complete without heading to the Disneyland of Korea aka Lotte World! As a grown adult who loves to look for that extra kick of adrenaline when travelling, you’ll definitely find me at theme park. If you google Lotte World, you are bound to see a lot of good feedbacks saying it is one of the best theme parks in South Korea! So if you are in Seoul, this is the first theme park you should check out!

I woke up around 6 AM to do morning laundry then had my breakfast at the hotel. Around 8 AM I strolled around Myeongdong street then decided to go to Ehwa Women University before going to Lotte World. But I got lost and entered to wrong station (maklum lah ya baru 2 hari di Korea masih belum ngerti baca Subway map), jadi pagi itu aku jalan-jalan di sekitaran daerah Ahyeon sambil mencari Ahyeon station untuk menuju Jamsil station. Menurut aku, tersesat saat solo traveling bukan hal yang mengerikan sih, asalkan kita tidak malu untuk bertanya ke penduduk lokal, kita gak akan merasa bener-bener tersesat kok. Meskipun penduduk kota Seoul tidak terlalu ramah seperti penduduk lokal Tokyo, kemungkinan besar jika terjadi penolakan untuk berkomunikasi saat kita tersesat adalah karena mereka tidak bisa mengerti bahasa asing (I speak english during my solo trip) atau mereka bingung untuk menjelaskan dalam bahasa asing. Tapi tidak apa-apalah, selama tersesat di Ahyeon aku bisa juga nyampe ke Lotte World yang ada di stasiun Jamsil.

The best way mode of transport in Seoul city is the city’s clean and inexpensive subway system. Signage and announcements are in Korean, Japanese and English, making the experience a breeze for foreign travelers.
The journey took about 40 minutes to get to Jamsil station from Ahyeon station. Selama di Korea kalian perlu banget download aplikasi untuk transportasi subway selama di Korea, I use KakaoMetro app. To go to Lotte World I need to take Line 2/ Line 8 Jamsil Station and just keep a lookout for Exit 4. You would see a mock-up version of Trevi Fountain along the way.
Look at how gigantic the indoor theme park is! The warmth in the indoor theme park was very welcome with the freezing cold outside. However, the indoor rides were more for smaller kids. 

Lotte World has quite a confusing layout so it’s a must that you find a map. The indoor theme park has so many floors and hidden attractions that it’s possible for you to miss some of the best ones.
I actually bought my ticket online from this website called Indiway, used to be called Funko / Funtastic Korea. I spent some time trying to google for a good deals. It was hard to believe when I saw this deal, Lotte World and Lotte World Aquarium tickets for only 42.000 won. I booked the tickets in October and paid for the tickets when I arrived in Seoul yesterday

The next thing after I paid the tickets is I was equipped with email voucher on my phone and I need to go to the South Gate Ticket office to exchange the email voucher to real physical ticket (you don't need to wait in the long queue outside the ticketing booth to buy your ticket) and I was ready to start the day. For your information, the discount is for foreigners only, so you must show them your non-Korean passport to redeem the voucher for a ticket.
Lotte World is home to a theme park with both indoor and outdoor elements. Lotte World is divided into Lotte World Adventure; an indoor world themed area as and Magic Island; an outdoor themed area. It has 45 attractions features a range to serve every age group. This place was packed with mostly couple's, kiddos and teenagers, the park is mostly filled with South Koreans.

Lotte World Adventure has 22 different rides and the place usually host the parades and shows. Because Lotte World is indoors, there is glass dome covers most of the ceiling and allows for the park to be lit by natural light. The indoor park itself is a sight to see. There is ice skating rink inside the Lotte World Adventure.
I visited during super cold November and the lining was not horrible. The attractions/rides in Lotte World are fun and different from the ones I've been in other countries.

Here are some of my favourite rides inside Lotte World Adventure that I highly recommend :

*Giant Loop*
If you like the thrill of being upside down. As you go through a 360 degree loop, the ride will stop whilst upside down. 
I also had a chance to try VR Experience, it costs around 13.000 won. So expensive but it was definitely an experience I would not forget. It may all seem too real, but don’t confuse it for reality!
I went to Lotte World on Monday around 10.30 AM. And it was already crowded in the morning. So, please make sure you reach there as early as it opens. Some of popular attractions/rides that give you the rush of adrenaline will have super long queues, you need to wait at least 1–1,5 hours per ride. Surely, there are still some rides that you just have to wait for only 15-30 minutes for normal rides. It may be very long queues on a holiday and weekend.
 No visit would be complete without the perfect Instagram shot
*Camelot Carousel*
Most note worthy and iconic to Lotte World is the Camelot Carousel!
Dari awal niat foto disini karena disuruh teman Korea-ku, doi ngasitau kalau photozone yang paling terkenal itu di Merry Go Around / Camelot Carousel, yauda aku ikutin sarannya. Ternyata oh ternyata Kim Namjoon BTS itu juga pernah foto disini juga (I’m not sorry for my inner fan girl huahahahaha).
A selfie of myself riding on one of the wooden horses. I suggest you to take a ride and resting your feet after conquering all those heart thumping rides!
*The Aeronaut Balloon*
Get one of the best views of the entire adventure park as you sail around in your hot air balloon!
Just look down at the sparkles and colours of the park and try to spot all your favorite rides.
I spend around 6 hours at Lotte World before going to Lotte World Mall & Lotte World Aquarium.
*Pharaoh’s Fury*
The Egyptian-themed experience takes its cues from Indiana Jones Adventure.
The ride is fairly creepy (giant crocodiles, a cave full of bats and one vengeful mummy). It’s a relatively slow-moving experience. I love Journey to the Center of the Earth at Tokyo DisneySea more, that was the best ride I've ever tried when I was in Japan.
Now, let’s go to the outdoor theme park located on the second floor next to the escalator. Lotte World’s outdoor extension, Magic Island.
Managed to take some mandatory photos in front of Disney-like blue-turreted castle with the help of two foreign travelers, I think they are from South East Asia.
I used self-timer to take my photo before two Asian girls help me to take my photos.
Magic Island is built in the middle of the Seokchon Lake and boasts 17 different rides!
I’m a fan of challenging attractions so yeah I tried Gyro Drop attraction behind this castle (my Korean friend, Dong Yeon suggested this ride). Too bad, I didn’t get to go on that many rides that day. Definitely I will go to this place again when I visit South Korea.
*Gyro Drop*
Free fall from a height of 70 meters at a speed of 100km/hour! My heart dropped out of my chest. But I could say Histeria at Dunia Fantasi, Jakarta is way better and funner.
Found the unofficial BT21 phone case inside the Lotte World adventure.
Lotte World is also home to an aquarium. I went to Lotte World Aquarium at 5 PM. the opening hours on weekdays (Mon-Thurs) are 10am to 8pm and the opening hours on weekends (Fri-Sun) are 10am-10pm. It is a 10 min walk away from Lotte World, located at the basement of Lotte Mall.

This is the iconic giant artificial aquarium.

A selfie because I have no one to take my pictures.
The Lotte World Aquarium! With over 55,000 marine life from 650 species of sea creatures, from river to coast and coast to ocean, from freshwater fish in the Han River to Arctic, they all live in harmony. There are 13 diverse theme zones that allow you to experience the Five Oceans of the world. You’ll see family favorites like Dory and Nemo, but better yet you’ll also get to see rare Beluga whales and 2 meter long nurse sharks! I really want to see Beluga whales swimming in Korea’s largest aquarium. Yes the Belugas were such a joy to observe.
The guests that day were mostly kids, solo locals and couples on a date. It was a peaceful activity, so I recommend it for everyone especially the kids! They loved it.

It was a short but fruitful day. I don't think I need to describe how fun it is in Lotte World & Lotte World Aquarium.
By the time I was done exploring the aquarium, it was time for dinner. And I think there is no better way to end a Lotte day than eating in Lotteria. I ordered giant burget and French fries with cola drink then I managed to spend the night at Hongdae area and Line Friends Store & Cafe in Hongdae.



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