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It's Christmas Day and I feel like want to share you my super late post haha sorry but these photos below were taken a year ago when I went to South Korea for the very first time. A trip to South Korea was about knowing the country’s fascinating history and culture but there’s still room for a bit of fun along the way. As much I have told you guys how much I love theme parks and I want to do a regular theme park review just like I did on my another post "Biggest Indoor Theme Park in South Korea: Lotte Day", so let’s get the ball rolling.
Everland is one of South Korea’s largest theme parks. The park is divided into a number of themed zones that include American Adventure, Zoo-Topia, European Adventure and Magic Land. The place is huge and very popular among locals and tourists. Definitely, a place to go when visiting Korea.

This place is known for its beautiful huge garden. There are usually different theme depending on the season that you will visit: Rose festival (May-June), Summer Splash (June-September), Happy Holloween (September-October) and Winter Wonderland (Nov-early March). I went to Everland on November so I got to see the “Winter Wonderland” theme.
Everland offers a modest selection of thrill rides; my favorite rides absolutely T Express and Rolling X Train (this is just a standard coaster boasting two loops and two corkscrews)
and of course, T-Express would be the best and the most heart-pumping adrenaline rides I’ve had the pleasure of riding, I had survived the 12 hour queues in chilly weather that day hahaha

Everland was much fun! I went to that place on weekend and the lines were long, especially for the roller coasters where I waited for like 2hours+. This theme park indeed a good place to do some leisurely walking.

In general, the park is very nicely themed and I want to say few things about this park hahaha please whenever you visit this place make sure to wear comfortable shoes. This park gives you serious hills. The walk down is equally unforgiving as the climb up when you're exiting the park hahaha there are two ways that I feel give out really nice views of the park. The first is the cable car ride and the second is the cable lift ride. The cable car is faster and fully enclosed while the cable lift is much slower and your feet are dangling in the air. I enjoyed my time riding the cable lift tho because Everland is located in a mountainous area that will leave you in awe with those dramatic beautiful backdrops.

Aside from jumping from one attraction to another, I feel that Everland is a park that you need to enjoy because there are so many beauties to be discovered everywhere and I think it's worth the one or two steps. So yeah slow down, deep breaths and see.



  1. warna-warna dedaunannya khas drama korea banget ya.. pengen bisa ke Korea deh selsai pandemik ini:(


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